Colors of Kubrick

Exhibition: July 24th – August 8th, 2014.
Film Screening: Friday, July 25th, 2014. 9:30 – 10:30 pm.

I’m presenting an installation at Feed during this year’s MusicFest. It consists of three parts:

However Vast the Darkness, We Must Supply Our Own Light is a concept album celebrating the work of film director, Stanley Kubrick. Samples from the scores and soundtracks of Kubrick’s ten major films have been combined with other pre-existing music and sound files to create compositions that act as audio interpretations of the films. Stream or Download

Average Minutes is a project distilling the films of Stanley Kubrick down to their essential colors. Every minute, a single frame from each film was captured and digitally averaged to determine the predominant hue. These colors have been laid out in chronological order, one for each minute of screen time, to offer a visual interpretation of each film.

Colors of Kubrick unites the two above conceptual projects into a video installation. Each second of video represents a regularly selected and color averaged frame of film combined with its corresponding remixed music composition. The resulting video is a 55 minute examination of the major works of Stanley Kubrick through sound and color.